Robi Botos

"Born in Hungary, pianist Robi Botos immigrated to Canada in 1998, and he has really taken the Canadian jazz scene by storm. Shortly after his arrival, he caught the ear of Oscar Peterson and quickly became his protege. Robi won a 2016 JUNO for his exciting album, “Movin’ Forward.” He is a dynamic, swinging and extremely versatile pianist who elevates the music of any band that he is a part of."
-Renee Rosnes, Artistic Director 

Robi will perform on Sunday, February 18

Hungarian born Romani/ Musician Robi Botos was raised in a musical family and is largely self-taught. Robi began his musical career when he was a child, growing up in Budapest, playing drums and percussion. It was at age seven when Robi first took up piano. Robi immigrated to Canada in 1998 and is now a permanent resident of the country he calls home with his wife and children.

Shortly after coming to Canada, Robi caught the ear of Canadian Jazz great Oscar Peterson and quickly became his protégé. To this day, Robi remains a disciple of Dr. Peterson’s mighty sense of swing and technical virtuosity. Along with this influence, Robi possesses a deep tradition in Romani, Hungarian and European Folk and Classical music. This fusion of North American Bebop, Hard Bop, and Modern Jazz along with the deep tradition of Folk music in Eastern Europe and Romantic Classical music, has formulated a sound and approach that is formidable and unsurpassed. Many of Jazz’s greatest musicians consider Robi to be one of the few young leaders on the piano worldwide. Musicians from Branford Marsalis to Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau, and many more consider Robi to be one of the greats on the instrument.

In 2016, Robi won the JUNO Award for his second album for A440 Entertainment, ‘Movin’ Forward.'

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