Russell Malone

Born in Albany, Georgia, Russell Malone is one of the signature guitar players of his generation. The leader of ten albums since 1992, Malone is well-known on the international circuit for helming a world-class quartet and trio as he is for his long-standing participation in Ron Carter’s Golden Striker Trio, and his recent consequential contribution to the musical production of the likes of Sonny Rollins and Dianne Reeves, who recruited Malone for his singular tone, refined listening skills, limitless chops and efflorescent imagination.

In all these circumstances, Malone addresses the tradition on its own terms, refracting the vocabularies and syntax of such heroes as Charlie Christian, Dhet Atkins, Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, Pat Martino and George Benson into an argot entirely his own.

A master of all tempos, a relentless swinger, he spins his stories in idioms ranging from the urban and downhome blues, country, gospel, various corners of the American Songbook, and hardcore jazz - with a soulful, instantly, recognisable instrumental voice, and seasons them with sophisticated harmonies that are never “too hip for the room.”